AI automated Root Cause Analysis

Are you still using techniques like 5 Whys, fish-bone diagram or even guessing for root cause analysis? Would you like to have a root cause instantly with high accuracy? If yes then read further!

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software you can teach the AI all possible root causes depending on complex input data and ask the AI later for the root cause any time you need it! And you can do this in any sector and in any discipline. You can even automate this process and predict if a problem will occur in the future by continuously monitoring the input parameters and feeding them to the AI for prediction. The only thing you need is an AI software and data.

Download the AI-TOOLKIT for free (fully functional version for non-commercial purposes – no registration is needed!) and make your own AI automated root cause analysis!

How to start your AI Root Cause Analysis?

  1. Download the AI-TOOLKIT for free (fully functional version for non-commercial purposes – no registration is needed!).
  2. Install the software.
  3. Decide on the process or phenomenon for which you want to make a root cause analysis.
  4. Collect the necessary data. The data should contain a sufficient number of records. Each data record should contain a number of parameters and a root cause (decision variable) resulting from the specific state of the parameters.
  5. Choose an AI-TOOLKIT algorithm (SVM, Random Forest, Neural Network, etc.) and feed the data to the AI e.g. in a delimited text file format.
  6. Train the AI. Check the accuracy of the AI model. In case the accuracy is not acceptable then you may need to add more training data, introduce extra parameters or use an other built-in algoritm.
  7. If you are satisfied with the accuracy of the AI model save the model and use it for the prediction of future root causes. You can also automate the prediction process with the AI-TOOLKIT.

You can repeat this procedure for any number of processes or phenomenon’s and like this develop several AI models and use them for all automatic root cause analysis in your company!

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