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There is a lot of hype about AI (Artificial Intelligence) today but what is true from all of these stories and myths? I have collected a number of very interesting articles and real applications of AI which I would like to share with you. I will regularly update this list so keep coming back for more interesting stories and facts!

  1. This is a very high level explanation of AI and many of its applications. It also tries to tell the truth about what AI is and what it is not. It is not a comprehensive list of AI and/or machine learning because it only focuses on neural networks (often called deep learning). Most of the scientists today think that deep learning is the future of AI.
  2. Introduction to the application of artificial intelligence (AI)
    This is a more in depth explanation of AI and machine learning.
  3. Behind the scenes at Google’s AI Team
    A few weeks ago The New York Times published a long (at least an hour to read it) and intimate article about how Google evolved the last five years to one of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence. Big things in life are made not by luck but by hard work and curiosity!
  4. Case study: artificial intelligence in healthcare business process improvement
    The main aim of this case study is to demonstrate the different applications of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) in business process improvement specific to the Healthcare sector.
  5. An artificial intelligence platform for the multihospital collaborative management of congenital cataracts
    A very interesting article appeared recently about AI (using deep learning of images) for diagnostics, risk stratification and treatment suggestions, accurately diagnoses and provides treatment decisions for diseases (often better than a specialist)!
  6. How Deep Learning is Reinventing Hearing Aids
    This article is from Nvidia. Nvidia is a manufacturer of graphic computer hardware accelerating AI applications in several fields. Mercedes (car manufacturer) has just signed a cooperation agreement with Nvidia for accelerating AI applications. "AI deep learning to separate speech from noise. How deep learning hearing aid technology could also improve speech recognition on cellphones, help workers on noisy factory floors or equip soldiers so they can hear each other amid the the cacophony of battle."
  7. Case study: artificial intelligence in the financial sector
    The Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Credit Screening of Clients in a Financial Institution.
  8. How Deep Learning Changes Market for Solar-Powered Homes
    "AI deep learning-based analysis of a household’s likelihood to embrace solar, and its prospects for getting good solar production. So far, the company has trained two networks, both of which rely on analysis of satellite data: One determines whether a house already has solar panels; a second determines whether  vegetation is crowding the roof and could get in the way of an installation."
  9. Can AI End Checkout Lines?
    "AI Lets Shoppers Avoid Long Waits at Checkout  - two artificial intelligence startups aim to make checking out of grocery stores and company cafeterias a walk in the park."
  10. KLM Provides Faster Customer Service with AI Tool
    “We’re unlocking the intelligence value of historical data while helping customer service agents deliver a faster and more accurate experience for their consumers,”
    You will learn how to use the AI tools included in the AI-TOOLKIT for making HR decisions easily. In this case we will train an AI model which can be used to decide/predict if an employee will leave or why he/she will leave or even if it is worthwhile to offer a promotion to an employee.
    The current state and my vision about the most important building blocks of a real human like AI system.

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