Decision AI Professional

Decision AI Professional, Artificial Intelligence Software ToolkitDecision AI Professional is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software toolkit for Business Process Improvement and Decision Making but may also be used for many other purposes as making decisions about buying/selling stocks on the stock exchange, knowledge management, illness and cure discovery, R&D in all disciplines and sectors, etc. The possible applications are endless. DecisionAI Professional is the extended version of DecisionAI with superior functionality, accuracy and speed. DecisionAI Professional runs on all 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10).

DecisionAI Professional also contains extensive data analysis tools (data cleaning, filtering, statistical analysis, etc.) and an automatic classification toolkit which can be used to automatically classify any numerical or text data. After classifying the data you can use it to train an AI model. Supports both mixed and numerical data. In mixed data the input data may be both textual and numerical.

The Load Data module will guide you through two steps to clean your data and to transfer and select any desired columns and rows. There is a built-in filter query editor which can be used to automatically select the necessary data depending on simple expressions as for example the value in a specific column, the sum of the values in several columns, etc. All types of delimited text files (with any delimiter) and also MS Excel files can be loaded into a Project
DecisionAI Professional: Download it here!
The Analyze Data module is automatically launched at the end of loading or importing a data file. The analyzes shows all important statistical properties of each data column, the distribution of the data in each column and also the correlation between the data columns. The automatic report module will make a PDF or MS Word report from the analyzes with a click of a button.

Decision AI Professional Artificial Intelligence (AI) software toolkit

There is a built in automatic parameter optimization module. You can train both Classification and Regression AI models.

The DecisionAI Server

The DecisionAI server can be used to automatically process data files for prediction with a trained AI model. You can for example easily connect DecisionAI with any software package being used in your company (ERP, CRM, etc.) by using the DecisionAI server and automate the prediction process. The DecisionAI server is extremely fast and it can predict millions of records in just a few seconds.

Steering Business Processes with Artificial Intelligence

Business processes can often be modeled depending on data which is originating from the different steps in the business process itself. For example the interaction of the users with the process steps may generate data at each step. This data can then e.g. be used to make decisions about which next process step to take. It is also possible that the data is rather complex containing many variables (many columns of data) and/or that it would be beneficial to automate the process step without the intervention of the process managers.

It is possible to train several Artificial Intelligence (AI) models which then can be used to make automatic decisions at each appropriate process step by using the DecisionAI Server. The input of the AI models may then be generated in real time in the different process steps.

The AI-TOOLKIT has two software applications which can be very easily connected to any business process management (BPM) software and automate the processes with several trained AI models. There is no programming needed! These two software applications are DecisionAI Professional and EvolutionAI Professional.

You may ask more information and explanation about how to integrate the AI-TOOLKIT into your business processes through the website contact form or in the LinkedIn discussion group The Application Of Artificial Intelligence (AI-TOOLKIT).

Decision AI Professional Artificial Intelligence (AI) software toolkit

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DecisionAI Professional: Download it here!


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