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Do you often have to read a lot of documents and do you sometimes dream about someone who would summarize those documents for you to make it easier to decide which documents to read? If the answer is yes, then read further because this is possible by using DocumentSummary.

DocumentSummary can be used for creating a summary of any text document. You can summarize simple text, PDF files containing text, HTML files, etc. The text documents can be located on your computer or even on the internet (internet connection is needed).

DocumentSummary uses machine learning powered language models in the summarization process. You can train your own language model by using any text document and in any language. You can add specialized texts specific to your discipline. The model will learn specific language features which will be used to make the automatic summary. You can choose the number of sentences in the summary. If you are summarizing a longer document then the number of summary sentences should be increased. The summary may contain several subjects and DocumentSummary will choose these subjects from the whole document. You may also decide to subdivide your document (e.g. book) and request a summary from each part.

DocumentSummary contains a Server which can be used for automating the summary extraction process.

There are also several useful built-in utilities:
  • for extracting text from PDF documents and from HTML pages (even from the internet), 
  • for editing large text files (even several GB's), 
  • for combining several text files together, 
  • for automatically annotating PDF files with the summaries,
  • etc.
The software is very easy and intuitive to use but there is also a built-in help for each module with explanation. Please read the built-in help for each module for more information. 

DocumentSummary is Microsoft Windows 64bit compatible (Windows 7, 8, 10 and above).
Download: DocumentSummary  (free for non-commercial use).


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