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DocumentSummary can be used to create a short summary from any text document. You can summarize simple text, PDF files, HTML files, etc. The text documents can be located on your computer or even on the internet (internet connection is needed).

DocumentSummary uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered language models in the summarization process. You can train your own AI language model by using any text document and in any language. You can add specialized texts specific to your discipline (law, medicine, chemistry, etc.). The AI will learn specific language features which will be used for making the summary. You can also choose the number of sentences in the summary. In case you are summarizing a longer document then you can increase the number of summary sentences. The summary may contain several subjects and DocumentSummary will choose these subjects from the whole document. You may also decide to subdivide your document (e.g. book) and request a summary from each part.

DocumentSummary contains a module for Training an AI language model (for any language), a module to Extract the Summary from your documents and also a Server which can be used to automate the summary extraction process. There are also several useful built-in utilities for extracting text from PDF documents and from HTML pages, for editing large text files (even several GB's), for combining several text files together, etc.

The software is very easy and intuitive to use but there is also a built-in help for each module with explanation.

DocumentSummary is not available for direct download but you can request a fully functional 30 days evaluation version with the contact form here under.


The aim of PDFMarker is to automate the highlighting (annotation) of text in PDF documents (e.g. for highlighting the summary) or the removal of highlights. You can annotate in this way even hundreds of PDF files at once. PDFMarker supports multiple processors and optimized for fast execution. You can make annotations in several styles and colors even per PDF document and per page.
PDFMarker can be used to highlight the summary in PDF files created by DocumentSummary. PDFMarker is available as a standalone software or as an extension to DocumentSummary.
Use cases:>
  • Highlight the summary in PDF documents.
  • Automate the highlighting of text in hundreds of PDF files.
  • Highlight specific words in even hundreds of PDF documents at once even with different colors and annotation styles.
  • Highlight specific sentences with specific colors in PDF documents.
  • etc.
You can request a fully functional 30 days evaluation version with the contact form here under.


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